Welcome to Men On The Move

Your Moving Specialist

At Men On The Move, we believe there is a better way to be a removalist.
A more valuable, friendly and stress-free service.

We're passionate about making your life easier and it's our goal to achieve that.
We focus on affordable, on-time & reliable moves. We want you to book us with confidence, knowing that you're receiving a service that is worth paying for.

The industry is full of dishonest, unprofessional and careless removal companies, we want to change that.
We're excited to simplify moving house for everyone.

Our service will move you.

What will happen

On Moving Day

1. Notification
You'll receive a notification from the Men On The Move Team when they're approx. 30 minutes from your home.
2. Start
Upon arrival, you can discuss with the team what items you're taking with you to the new property.
3. Load
Once happy, the team will use their specialist equipment, and years of expertise to lift & load your items.
6. Finalise
Once the job is complete you can pay with cash/card, whatever suits you best. We may also ask for your feedback to improve our service.
4. Transport
Once the truck is fully packed and secured, the team will make their way to the drop-off location using the most efficient route.
5. Unload
Upon arrival, feel free to communicate exactly where you would like each item placed, or save time and designate a specific area for us to unload.